About Us

The Calamander Group

The Calamander Group Inc is a young, fast growing Singapore based holding company founded in 2006 with an umbrella strategy of providing ‘affordable-luxury’ mid market products and services in the growth markets of South Asia. The Group has three core businesses: Real Estate, Hospitality, and Food & Beverage.

The Group is unusual in that it was founded with a written constitution and has a mission that goes beyond delighting customers and making profits, and includes social, employment, charitable and design objectives.

CGI has offices in Singapore, in Sri Lanka in Colombo and Galle, and in Bangladesh in Dhaka. It employs over 300 people.


Pronunciation: ‘ka-l’ & ’man-d & r’

Etymology: probably from Dutch kalamanderhout : the hazel-brown black-striped wood of a southeast Asian tree, genus Diospyros, the ebony family. Diospyros quaesita is the tree from which is obtained the wood known in Sri Lanka as calamander. Also named golden or macassar ebony, it is reported to be very rare and is one of the most expensive timbers on the commercial market. Its closeness of grain, great hardness, and fine hazel-brown colour, mottled and striped with black, render it highly valuable for furniture making. Provides a fine finish with excellent lustre. Strong, very heavy, and very hard.

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