Roman Scott – Chairman, The Calamander Group Inc.

A former strategy consultant turned entrepreneur and economist, Roman is the founder and Chairman of The Calamander Group. As with all entrepreneurs, in the early years he did time in most roles, and now remains CMO and CFO until suitable candidates are hired. Roman continues to run the Real Estate business and its associated PE fund, design many of the structures the Group builds and drink huge quantities of our coffee.

Roman’s true love is macroeconomics. He served on the board as Economic Spokesman for the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore from 2007-12, producing a popular semi-annual Global Macroeconomic Briefing, appearing as a regular guest on CNBC, and advising UK Government interests in Singapore, including the UK Treasury Select Committee. He served on the Singapore Government’s Economic Restructuring Committee Financial Services Task Force in 2001 and Economic Strategies Committee in 2009.

Before this, Roman clicked over 20 years of experience as a board level advisor to more than 50 financial institutions and central banks/bank restructuring agencies. He was a partner and Director of The Boston Consulting Group for BCG’s Global Financial Services practice Singapore office, focused on bank restructuring and risk management in ASEAN following the Asian banking crisis. He was advisor to the Govt. of Indonesia’s Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) and four of Indonesia’s top five banks, developed BCG’s credit risk management framework for EM banks, and led BCG’s Private Banking work in Asia 2000-2006.

He is the author of “Credit Risk Management in Emerging Markets’ in Frontiers in Credit Risk (John Wiley, 2003), and his restructuring work at Indonesia’s Bank Mandiri and Bank Danamon were the subjects of books by other authors, as was his work at AIG Insurance in Japan in the mid-nineties.

Roman hold a M.Phil. from Pembroke College, Oxford University, where he was a Leyland scholar; and a B.Sc.(Hons) from Manchester University, both in the UK. He is also a Charter Holder of the Institute of Marketing. He was schooled at Dulwich College, London.

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